20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (2023)

Pop, rock, and hip-hop are just a few of the most popular music genres worldwide.

Find out:

  • How music genre tastes change based on age, country, and race
  • Which music genres are the best for working out and which for setting personal records
  • Which rap artist has the most album sales, and which K-pop groups have the most views on YouTube

Did you know there are 29 types of rock genres? Find more interesting facts and stats below:

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Most Popular Music Genre Statistics

  • There are over 300 music genres worldwide.
  • Pop is the most popular music genre worldwide, whereas hip-hop/R&B dominates the US market.
  • Pop is also the favorite music genre for gym-goers, but most personal records are broken while listening to hip-hop/rap music.
  • Hip-hop is the most popular music genre among listeners aged 12-35.
  • With 27 million sales, “The Eminem Show” by Eminem is the best-selling rap album of all time.

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    What’s the most popular music genre?

    Pop is the most popular music genre in the world.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (2)

    Here’s a table of the 10 most popular music genres:

    Popularity rankingMusic genre
    3.The 90s
    4.The 80s
    9.The 70s

    What are the unique music genres people listen to in different countries?

    Interesting music genres enjoyed, based on the country.

    CountryInteresting niche genre
    CanadaVideo game soundtracks
    UKNorthern soul
    SwedenBlack metal
    PolandDisco polo
    ItalySpace disco
    South AfricaGqom
    RussiaShisha rap
    ChinaHokkien song
    South IndiaCarnatic
    South KoreaK Trot
    New ZealendTe Reo Mãori

    EDM/Electronic is the most common music genre on music festivals worldwide.

    The numbers and percentages of bigger music festivals that have more than 10,000 visitors:

    Music genreNumber of festivalsPercentage

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    How Does the Popularity of Music Genres Change Over Time?

    Trends in music genres are heavily influenced by historical events and popular musicians.

    Huge events, such as political, social, or economic, can hugely affect the popularity of specific music genres. Most notably, punk rock, grunge, and rap were first played in the underground but then popularized by likable artists.

    However, music genres that quickly gain mass appeal tend to fade away fast.

    Rock peaked in 1983, occupying 60.9% of all spots on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. That makes it the most consumed genre in history.

    Music genreThe year when genre peakedPercentage of songs on Billboard Charts that year
    Pop Standards195841.7%
    Rock & Roll196331.4%

    What is the Most Popular Genre in the US?

    R&B/Hip-Hop is the most popular music genre in the US.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (3)

    It has been this way since 2017 when it overtook pop and rock music genres.


    Here’s a more detailed view of the music genres’ popularity in the US from 2017 to 2021.

    Music Genre20212020201920182017
    World Music2.0%1.8%1.5%//

    Top 5 music genres in the UK.

    The data is based on the TikTok reports from 2020-2021.

    5.New AgeR&B/Soul

    Top 10 music genres in China.

    1. Pop
    2. C-Pop
    3. Cantonese Songs
    4. Soundtracks
    5. 90s music
    6. Chinese folk music
    7. Singer-songwriter
    8. 80s music
    9. K-Pop
    10. Rock


    Top 10 music genres in India

    1. Bollywood
    2. Older Bollywood (the 80s, 90s)
    3. Retro Bollywood (the 50s, 60s, 70s)
    4. Punjabi
    5. Traditional music
    6. International pop
    7. International Hip-Hop/Rap/Trap
    8. International Rock
    9. Soundtracks
    10. International Dance/Electronic/House


    Top 10 music genres in Russia.

    1. Russian pop
    2. The 90s
    3. International pop
    4. The 80s
    5. Russian rock
    6. International rock
    7. Estrada/Russian old pop
    8. Soundtracks
    9. Russian chanson
    10. International Dance/Electronic/House


    The most downloaded music genres, based on country.

    CountryMost downloaded music genres
    BrazilHip-Hop, Trap, House
    AustraliaHip-Hop, Trap, EDM
    ChinaHip-Hop, Trap, R&B
    IndiaHip-Hop, Trap, EDM
    CanadaHip-Hop, Trap, EDM
    NigeriaAfrobeat, African, Hip-Hop
    South KoreaHip-Hop, Trap, EDM
    UKHip-Hop, Trap, House
    USHip-Hop, Trap, R&B

    What are Music Sales Statistics by Genre?

    Pop music genre sales brought the biggest cut of the revenue, 31.1% or $6.79 billion in 2017.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (4)

    That’s 3.9% more than the year before when pop sales brought in $6.53 billion.

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    Rock music sales also grew by 2.5%, jumping from $5.12 billion in 2016 to $5.25 billion in 2017.

    R&B/Hip-Hop, while landing third in music genre sales share, doubled its sales in the last 10 years.

    Music genreRevenue percentage

    What Music Genres are Popular Among Teenagers?

    Pop is the most popular music genre among US teenagers (age 16-19) in 2018.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (5)
    Music genrePercentage of teenagers listening
    Indie/Alternative Rock31%
    Rock & Roll28%
    Classic Rock26%
    Show music/Musicals20%

    Music genres most popular among Gen Z:

    Music genrePopularity in 2019Popularity in 2021

    Music genres popular among millennials:

    Music genrePopularity in 2019Popularity in 2021

    Music Genre Preferences by Age Group

    With 62% of US listeners, classic rock has the most loyal fanbase in the 45-54 age group.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (6)

    Here’s a table of the most popular music genres by age groups:

    Age groupPreferred music genrePercentage of US listeners
    20-24Pop, Rap/Hip-Hop54%
    35-44Pop, Classic Rock46%
    45-54Classic Rock62%
    55-64Classic Rock60%
    65+Classic Rock48%

    What Genre of Music is Best for Working Out?

    The best music genres for working out are those with a strong beat like garage, house, or hip-hop.

    While there’s no definitive music genre for exercising, upbeat music works the best.

    • Ideally, music should have anywhere between 120 to 140 beats per minute. Anything more or less starts showing adverse effects.
    • Furthermore, music needs to have a constant beat. Overly long quiet passages and tempo changes again negatively affect workout endurance.


    Pop the overall most popular music genre among gym-goers.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (7)

    Research by Fitrated surveyed 1000 gym-goers to find out their music genre of choice.

    Here are the results:

    Music genrePercentage of listeners
    Classic Rock46.3%
    Heavy Metal24%
    • Weightlifters’ favorite music genres were heavy metal and pop. Pop listeners also enjoyed doing squats and Pilates.
    • Interestingly, at 53 minutes, punk fans endured the longest workout sessions, whereas heavy metal fans were the quickest to run a mile (under 7 minutes).


    Music genres that helped gym-goers beat their personal records:

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (8)

    Here’s a table of music genres that motivate gym-goes to achieve personal records:

    Music genrePercentage of listeners
    Classic Rock45.7%
    Heavy Metal26.8%
    Indie Rock26.5%

    Top 10 motivational workout music genres:

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (9)

    Here’s a table of music genres that motive the most during a workout:

    Music genrePercentage of listeners
    Classic Rock33.8%
    Heavy Metal17.4%
    Indie Rock15.3%

    Best music genres for intense workouts:

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (10)

    Here are the music genres that people prefer for intense workouts:

    Music genrePercentage of listeners
    Classic Rock45.9%
    Heavy Metal31.5%
    Indie Rock26.9%

    Rap vs. Rock Statistics

    Is Rap More Popular Than a Rock?

    Rock music is more popular than rap music, with rock ranked the second most popular music genre.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (11)

    Rap music is ranked 6th.


    How Many People Listen to Rap/Hip-Hop?

    27.7% of US music lovers in 2021 listened to rap/hip-hop.

    Here’s a percentage of US rap/hip-hop listeners from 2017 to 2021:

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (12)

    Here’s a table of rap & hip hop listeners in the US:

    YearPercentage of US listeners

    Rap/hip-hop saw a considerable increase in popularity among the Gen Z audience, jumping from 34% in 2019 to 55% in 2021.

    On the other hand, popularity among millennials decreased from 56% in 2019 to 54% in 2021 yet remained relatively high.


    What are the Best-Selling Rap/Hip-Hop Albums of All Time?

    RankingAlbum nameAlbums sold
    1.“The Eminem Show” by Eminem27 million
    2.“The Score” by Fugees22 million
    3.“The Marshall Mathers LP” by Eminem21 million
    4.“The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” by Lauryn Hill20 million
    5.“Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” by MC Hammer18 million
    6.“Crazy Sexy Cool” by T.L.C.15 million
    7.“To the Extreme” by Vanilla Ice15 million
    8.“Devil Without a Cause” by Kid Rock15 million
    9.“Curtain Call: The Hits” by Eminem13 million
    10.“Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” by Outkast13 million
    11.“Get Rich or Die Tryin'” by 50 Cent12 million
    12.“Big Willie Style” by Will Smith12 million
    13.“Encore” by Eminem11 million
    14.“Nellyville” by Nelly11 million
    15.“Doggystyle” by Snoop Dogg11 million
    16.“The Massacre” by 50 Cent11 million
    17.“2001” by Dr. Dre10 million
    18.“Greatest Hits” by 2Pac10 million
    19.“Life After Death” by Notorious B.I.G.10 million
    20.“E. 1999 Eternal” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony10 million

    Statistics About Why People Listen to Hip-Hop

    People listen to hip-hop because it allows them to express themselves positively.

    (The Daily Universe)

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    Other reasons why people listen to hip-hop:

    • It’s inspiring
    • It offers young people a way to express their personality and emotions
    • Lyrics are often thought-provoking
    • It reflects current events (social, political, economic)
    • Boosts energy (during workout)
    • Hip-hop culture is attractive and easy to practice, which attracts teens to become artists themselves in the future as well

    (The Audio Dome)

    Statistics About How Women Feel About Hip-Hop Music Videos

    All women in rap videos are nude to some extent.

    Out of 100% of nude women in rap videos, 95% were highly revealing, 10% were semi-nude, and 10% were only partially nude.

    Level of nudityPercentage of representation
    Highly revealing95%

    Moreover, all videos portray some kind of violence toward women, with 70% showing a high level of violence, 20% medium level, and 10% low level.

    Level of violencePercentage of representation

    Furthermore, 88% of women wore some type of bikini (one or two-piece), 9% had mini-skirts, 2% had a formal dress, and 1% had a long dress.

    Type of dressPercentage of representation

    Race representation in rap videos:

    RacePercentage of representation
    African American100%

    Women’s role in rap videos:

    RolePercentage of representation
    Sitting in the club100%
    Surrounded in sexual abuse80%
    Playing around60%

    As of late, many more women hip hop artists have emerged and become famous, making the genre much more balanced.


    Hip-Hop Audience Demographics

    Hip-Hop is most popular among the audience aged 12-34 and men.

    Listeners in this age group filled their TOP 100 playlist with 43% of hip-hop songs.

    Age groupPercentage of hip-hop songs in their playlists

    Hip-Hop/R&B popularity, based on race:

    RacePercentage of hip-hop songs in their playlists

    How Many People Listen To Rock?

    Rock was the second most popular music genre in the world in 2021.


    While classic rock is still one of the most popular genres in America, it’s losing its popularity among younger audiences under 35.


    2022 C.B.S. News poll revealed that overall, with 32%, rock is still way ahead of other genres among the entire US population.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (13)

    A table of CBS News poll on popularity of music genres in the general US population:

    Music genrePopularity among all US listeners

    On the other hand, the rock landed 3rd among younger audiences between the age of 18-29.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (14)

    Here’s a table of the most popular music genres among US youngsters aged 18-29:

    Music genrePopularity among US youngsters aged 18-29

    40% of white U.S. listeners claim the rock music genre is their favorite.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (15)

    Here’s a table of the most popular music genres among white Americans:

    Music genrePopularity among white US listeners

    In contrast, rock and hip-hop completely switch sides when looking at results from black listeners.

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    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (16)

    Here’s a table of the most popular music genres among black Americans:

    Music genrePopularity among black US listeners

    What are the Most Popular Rock Genres?

    Among the most popular styles of rock music are:

    • Alternative rock
    • Rock & roll
    • Progressive rock
    • Indie rock
    • Punk rock
    • Psychedelic rock
    • Acid rock
    • Glam rock
    • Root rock
    • Folk-rock
    • Arena rock
    • Soft rock
    • Funk rock
    • Garage rock
    • Space rock
    • Electronic rock
    • Experimental rock
    • Surf rock
    • Brit-pop
    • Art rock
    • Stoner rock
    • Instrumental rock
    • Jazz-rock
    • Sleaze rock
    • Gothic rock
    • Jam rock
    • Industrial rock
    • Geek rock
    • Yacht rock

    (Musician Wave)

    Popular Music Genres in the Past

    What was the Most Popular Music Genre in the 2000s?

    House was the most popular music genre of the 2000s.

    Based on chart-topping songs throughout the 2000s, house music was the most popular. R&B/Hip-Hop later overtook it in 2008.

    (I Like Your Old Stuff)

    What was the Most Popular Music Genre in the 90s?

    Hip-Hop was the dominating music genre in the 90s.

    While techno and alternative rock were getting big, hip-hop/rap still dominated the charts, with artists like Ice Cube, Ice T, 2Pac, De La Soul, and Geto Boys.


    What was the Most Popular Music Genre in the 80s?

    Techno pop was among the top genres in the 80s.

    For the most part, techno-pop held its first position for the longest. Pop-rock overtook it in 1987.

    Pop-rock only stayed in the first spot for 2 years. The house genre overtook it in 1989.

    (I Like Your Old Stuff)

    What was the Most Popular Music Genre in the 70s?

    Disco was the biggest music genre of the 70s.

    While pop-rock held the first spot at the beginning of the decade, disco quickly overtook it and maintained its position right till the end.

    (Like Your Old Stuff)

    What was the Most Popular Music Genre in the 60s?

    Soul was the most prominent music genre of the 60s.

    It has held itself as the most popular musical genre for the entire decade.

    (Like Your Old Stuff)

    Spotify & Kpop

    Most Popular Music Genres on Spotify

    Hip hop genre accounts for 38% of all streams, making it the most listened to music genre on Spotify.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (17)

    27% is dedicated to pop, 18% to Latin, 9% to R&B, and rock and electronic music share 4% each.

    Check the table with the most listened to music genres on Spotify:

    Music genrePopularity on Spotify

    On the other hand, 42% of all radio airplay consists of pop music.


    With 575,580 followers, pop is Spotify’s most-followed music genre.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (18)

    Dance-pop is second with 366,189 followers, and the third is the house with 328,939 followers.

    Here’s a table with the number of Spotify followers by music genre:

    Music genreFollowers on Spotify

    K-Pop Stats

    How Big is K-Pop?

    K-Pop has become a $5 billion industry.

    It has smashed numerous records in the Billboard Hot 100 charts.


    Physical sales of K-pop music reached 54.05 million in 2021.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (19)

    Here’s a table of K-pop music sales per year:

    YearK-pop items sold
    202154.05 million
    202038.88 million
    201924.38 million
    201822.52 million
    201716.28 million
    20169.76 million
    20157.17 million
    20146.29 million
    20136.87 million
    20126.04 million
    20115.28 million

    BTS are the best selling K-Pop artists, with 33.304.000 in physical sales.

    Top 10 best selling K-Pop artists:

    RankK-Pop artistPhysical sales
    2.Shin Seunghun10.262.000
    5.Seo Taiji and Boys8.000.000
    7.NCT DREAM7.295.000
    8.NCT 1276.653.000
    9.Stray Kids6.303.000

    K-Pop already has more than 41 billion streams worldwide on Spotify.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (20)

    That’s more than 134 billion minutes of K-Pop music streamed on Spotify.

    (Video) Tracking & Stats on EVERY PLATFORM | "2023 Wrapped" for everyone! Last.fm

    You can find K-Pop songs in more than 96 million playlists throughout the streaming service.


    K-Pop popularity exploded from 2014 to 2020, increasing by more than 1800%.


    The most popular K-Pop bands are:

    • BTS
    • SuperM
    • Red Velvet
    • Girls’ Generation
    • EXO
    • NCT
    • Monsta X
    • Super Junior
    • TWICE

    Male K-Pop groups are the most popular on YouTube, based on views.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (21)

    Here’s a tabled data on what K-pop groups are most popular.

    Group characteristicsShare of YouTube views
    Male groups41.5%
    Female groups35.1%
    Male solo11.3%
    Female solo9.2%

    K-Pop music already has more than 420.077.530.986 views on YouTube.

    Male groups also have the most likes on YouTube:

    Group characteristicsShare of YouTube likes
    Male groups49.3%
    Female groups26.3%
    Male solo12.2%
    Female solo10.4%

    With 24.384.938.786 views, BTS are the most-watched K-pop artists on YouTube.

    RankK-Pop artistViews on YouTube
    7.Girls’ Generation2.873.000.377
    9.Red Velvet2.826.813.531
    10.Stray Kids2.810.745.250

    BTS was the first Korean band to surpass 5 billion streams in 2019.

    In 2020, it had more than 8 billion streams.


    Modern K-Pop originates from the 90s.

    The song that started it all, “I Know” by Seo Taiji and the Boys, remained the most listened-to track in Korea for 17 weeks.


    How Many People Listen To K-Pop?

    39% of people from 18 countries stated K-pop was very popular in their country in the 2021 survey.

    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023) (22)

    Here’s a table on how popular is K-pop across the globe:

    Popularity levelPercentage
    Very popular39%
    Moderately popular26.5%
    Adequately popular23.2%
    Not very popular11.3%

    53% of K-pop listeners are aged from 18 to 24, according to Spotify.

    Out of all K-pop listeners, 73% are females.


    K-pop is mostly popular in:

    • The US
    • Indonesia
    • Philippines
    • Japan
    • Brazil


    The U.S. and Mexico represent the largest fan base of K-pop.

    The US is a big market which automatically brings forward a large number of fans.

    On the other hand, Mexico listeners represent the biggest cut of Spotify users.

    CountryShare of Spotify listeners

    Most K-pop followers on Instagram come from the U.S.

    CountryShare of K-Pop Instagram followers

    Mexico has the most K-pop views on American YouTube.

    CountryShare of American YouTube views

    Read more:

    • How many people listen to audiobooks?


    These were the most interesting and in-depth statistics on the music industry and music genres around the world.

    Pop is still a dominating music genre worldwide, while the United States has shifted from rock to hip-hop.

    Do you like K-pop? Which music genre is going to shape our future? Which one deserves bigger attention? Which is your favorite genre?

    Let us know in the comments.

    Sources: IFPI, The Data Face, Billboard, MRC Data Report 2021, MRC Data Report 2020, Nielsen Music Report 2019, Nielsen Music Report 2018, Nielsen Data Report 2017, Music & Copyright, Music Week, TikTok, Festival Pro, Statista, YPulse, Inverse, FitRated, Audio Network, The Daily Universe, The Audio Dome, Southern Illinois University, Deezer, Coleman Insights, CBS News, Musicians Wave, Wikipedia, PennState, I Like Your Old Stuff, 909originals, JMPerezPerez, Spotify, Masterclass, Daisuki K-Pop, How Music Charts

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    20+ Music Genre Statistics: Most Popular Music Genres (2023)? ›

    Rock & pop are still on top

    It's not so much a new trend for 2023, but creators simply can't get enough of crowd-pleasing rock and pop music. They can be used in very different ways, but they share an accessibility that viewers can easily relate to.

    What music do 20 year olds listen to? ›

    Favorite music genres among consumers in the United States as of July 2018, by age group
    Pop Music52%54%
    Rock Music28%39%
    Hip Hop/Rap48%54%
    Indie/Alternative Rock31%40%
    8 more rows
    Jan 8, 2021

    What is the biggest growing music genre? ›

    Between 2020 and 2022, Latin music grew 55.29% in album consumption in the U.S., according to Luminate, far outstripping the overall industry's 21.61%, as well as the growth of the four biggest genres in the U.S. over that time: R&B/hip-hop (12.17%), rock (22.28%), pop (20.64%) and country (19.22%).

    What is the most popular music genre for Gen Z? ›

    Gen Z Favorite Music Genre

    There is no one favorite music genre for Generation Z. This generation is known for being open-minded and eclectic in their taste in music. They are just as likely to listen to rap as they are to country, and they are just as likely to enjoy classical music as they are to enjoy EDM.

    What music is trending in 2023? ›

    Top Trending Music 2023 ♫ Latest Music Videos & Songs 2023
    • Hero. Alan Walker, Sasha Alex Sloan.
    • The Hills of Aberfeldy. Ed Sheeran.
    • No Strings. Ed Sheeran.
    • Secrets. Paul Damixie.
    • Sycamore. Ed Sheeran.
    • Cheetah. Jackson Wang.
    • Alone (with Nicki Minaj) Kim Petras, Nicki Minaj.
    • golden hour - Fujii Kaze Remix. JVKE, Fujii Kaze.

    What musical genre became trendy in the 20s? ›

    The 1920s are often called the Jazz Age because Jazz music became very popular during that time. With lots of improvising and syncopated rhythms, jazz music influenced dances, fashion, and culture. The upbeat sounds of jazz became a favorite on the radio.

    What are Gen Z listening to? ›

    Gen Z spend more time with music than the overall population. Those age 13-24 in the U.S. spend 3 hours and 43 minutes daily listening to music — an average of 40 minutes more than the rest of the population. Their top genre preferences are Hip Hop/R&B, Top 40, and Alternative Rock.

    Is rap music losing popularity? ›

    While the popularity of hip hop has been declining steadily since 2004, the popularity of rapping as a genre of music has stayed stable over the past decades. A possible reason for this situation could be that rap music has spread out over many different subgenres and has become more niched down today.

    What is the fastest growing music industry? ›

    Yes, the music industry is growing.

    However, the Middle East and North Africa is the fastest-growing region for the global recorded music industry in 2021, with a 35% growth rate. In the future (between 2021 and 2026), the global music industry is expected to have a CAGR of 8.5%.

    What is the next big music genre? ›

    The next big genre in music is electronic dance music (EDM).

    What age group listens to music the most? ›

    Who consumes the most music? Music consumption peaks with older teens, young adults, and adults ages 45–54. At 55+, music listening tends to decline a bit. Even so, a large number of people across all age demographics consume music on a daily basis.

    What genre is after Gen Z? ›

    The term Generation Alpha refers to the group of individuals born between 2013 and 2025. This is the generation after Gen Z.

    What music are millennials listening to? ›

    Most millennials listen to a variety of music, but the most popular genres are hip-hop, pop, and EDM. According to a recent report, millennials are listening to music at a higher rate than other generations.

    What is the #1 song right now 2023? ›

    Miley Cyrus, “Flowers”

    What is the biggest song in 2023? ›

    "Flowers", the 2023 single by American singer Miley Cyrus, is the year's longest reigning number-one song on the Hot 100, having spent eight weeks at the top spot. Eight artists have charted at number one in 2023 so far, with three―Morgan Wallen, Jimin and SZA―reaching the top spot for the first time.

    What is a 20s flapper girl? ›

    Flappers of the 1920s were young women known for their energetic freedom, embracing a lifestyle viewed by many at the time as outrageous, immoral or downright dangerous. Now considered the first generation of independent American women, flappers pushed barriers to economic, political and sexual freedom for women.

    What are the two new musical styles in the 20th century? ›

    Twentieth-century music was preceded by several late Romantic era developments, including impressionism and neoclassicism. In the 1900s, expressionism, serialism, modernism, electronic music, minimalism, experimental music, and chance music emerged and became intellectually based musical styles.

    Why are the 20s called the Jazz Age? ›

    Overview: The novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald termed the 1920s "the Jazz Age." With its earthy rhythms, fast beat, and improvisational style, jazz symbolized the decade's spirit of liberation. At the same time, new dance styles arose, involving spontaneous bodily movements and closer physical contact between partners.

    What age is Gen Z? ›


    Aged between eight and 23 years old, generation Z or the post-millennial generation will take the lead in a few decades.

    What is Gen Z famous for? ›

    Gen Z Terms and Definitions

    Gen Z grew up with technology, the internet, and social media, which sometimes causes them to be stereotyped as tech-addicted, anti-social, or “social justice warriors.”

    Why does Gen Z speed up songs? ›

    By removing pauses, intricate instrumental breaks, and slow moments within the song, sped up songs invite the listener to focus on the vibe, rather than on the song's meaning, and on the visual at hand. Musicians and record labels are leveraging the popularity of sped up songs.

    What rappers do Gen Z listen to? ›

    Thanks to the 'end of the decade' wrap-ups, we saw that some of the most listened artists were Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, but also Drake, BTS and Stormzy. To summarise, here is a list of songs we think could define this generation: the way we live, the way we feel and what makes them who they are.

    Does Gen Z listen to punk? ›

    While not all Gen Zers are familiar with pop-punk music of the 2000s, thanks to Gen Z-friendly musicians like Olivia Rodrigo and Yungblud, the genre's modern day resurgence appears to be alive and well.

    Will rap ever end? ›

    So theoretically, there is not an infinite number of rap songs and there will not always be new rap music. However, we probably won't be around when all of the possible combinations will be exhausted. It will take hundreds of years before that's the case.

    What's the most popular song in the world? ›

    As of May 2023, a total of 413 songs have surpassed one billion streams on Spotify.
    100 most-streamed songs.
    Song"Blinding Lights"
    Streams (billions)3.573
    Artist(s)The Weeknd
    Release date29 November 2019
    89 more columns

    Why music losing popularity? ›

    A lack of blockbuster releases is potentially contributing to the decline in current music consumption. Over twenty fewer albums from the first half of 2022 debuted on the Billboard 200 chart compared to the same period in 2021. The pandemic is another potential explanation.

    What is becoming faster in music? ›

    Accelerando (accel.) Getting gradually faster Rallentando (rall.) Getting gradually slower Calando Softer and slower Ritardando (ritard., rit.)

    What genre of music pays the most? ›

    By genre, rock artists landed the most spots, 13, down one from last year; pop acts accounted for nine entries, down from 14; country, three spots, down from eight; and Latin, two berths, up one from 2019.

    What genre sells the most music? ›

    Since 2017, R&B/hip-hop has been the dominant music genre on the United States Billboard charts, becoming bigger than pop and rock and coming to define modern popular music.

    What is the Big 3 music? ›

    The 3 major record labels are: Universal Music Group. Sony Music. Warner Music Group.

    What is the #1 music genre right now? ›

    Pop is the most popular music genre in the world.

    1. 2.

    What is the genre future beats? ›

    In a literal sense, Future Beats is experimental instrumental music that generally borrows from Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, and occasionally Jazz to sculpt its rhythmic structure.

    Which song reached 1 billion fastest? ›

    Pop superstar Miley Cyrus' catchy song 'Flowers' has become the fastest song to reach a billion streams on Spotify. Taking to her Instagram account, Cyrus paid tribute to her fans, sharing a video featuring the song and a caption reading: “Thanks a billion, I love you”.

    What song is #1 most weeks? ›

    It spans the period from the issue dated January 1, 1955 to present. The Billboard Hot 100 began with the issue dated August 4, 1958, and is currently the standard popular music chart in the United States.
    Most weeks at number one.
    Number of weeks14
    Artist(s)The Black Eyed Peas
    Song"I Gotta Feeling"
    10 more columns

    What do 70 year olds listen to music? ›

    Top hits for 70+ year olds
    • Rock N Roll Forever: Best of the 50's.
    • No. 1 Hits of the 50's.
    • Connie Francis: Gold.
    • Elvis Presley: The 50 Greatest Hits.
    • Everly Brothers: The Platinum Collection.
    • The Rat Pack: Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin , Sammy Davis, Jr.

    What race listens to rap the most? ›

    Out of 100%, 35% of black Americans listen to rap/hip-hop. Out of 100%, 7% of white Americans listen to rap/hip-hop.

    What music do men listen to? ›

    Genres most skewed to male listeners:
    • Rock.
    • Hip Hop.
    • House.
    • Album Rock.
    • Rap.
    • Pop Rap.
    • Indie Rock.
    • Funk Rock.
    Feb 10, 2014

    What generation is 2023? ›

    Generation Alpha are defined as those born from 2010-2024.

    What generation is 2026? ›

    That is why the generations today each span 15 years with Generation Y (Millennials) born from 1980 to 1994; Generation Z from 1995 to 2009 and Generation Alpha from 2010 to 2024. So it follows that Generation Beta will be born from 2025 to 2039.

    What generation is 2040? ›

    Generally-speaking, the Alphas are the children of the Millennials (born 1980-1994), the siblings of Gen Z (born 1995-2009) and they'll be the parents of Generation Gamma (born 2040-2054). Generation Beta will follow the Alphas (filling in the years 2025-2039).

    What songs do intelligent people listen to? ›

    The result was that students who scored higher in intelligence were associated with an ear for wordless music genres like big band, classical, and ambient or chill electronica.

    What generation consumes the most music? ›

    According to a study on music streaming in the United States in 2022, the group with the highest penetration rate was Gen Z with 90 percent of respondents stating that they listened to music within the last month in October 2022.

    What was the most listened to song in 2023? ›

    Leading the top global songs list is Miley Cyrus' smash hit “Flowers” which has been named the most streamed song of 2023 so far with 1.16 billion global audio streams.

    What music genre will be popular next? ›

    The next big genre in music is electronic dance music (EDM). This genre has been growing in popularity over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. EDM is characterized by its heavy use of synthesizers and electronic instruments, as well as its fast-paced, often danceable beats.

    Who is the most popular band 2023? ›

    The Top 25 Bands To Watch In 2023
    • a crowd of rebellion. ...
    • iRis.EXE. ...
    • In Fear. ...
    • Curses (US) ...
    • Blind Summit. ...
    • Akkadian. ...
    • El Moono. ...
    • Casey.
    Dec 14, 2022

    What is the number one song in the world 2023? ›

    Miley Cyrus, “Flowers”

    What is the #1 listened to song ever? ›

    Blinding Lights

    What is the #1 most listened to song of all time? ›

    Blinding Lights” was also officially recognized as the biggest US Billboard Hot 100 single of all time. When released at the end of 2019, the song spent over 100 weeks in the charts. If you haven't already, be sure to give "Blinding Lights" a listen on Spotify.

    What's the number 1 song in the world ever? ›

    According to Guinness World Records, Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" (1942) as performed by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide, with estimated sales of over 50 million copies.

    What music is trendy now? ›

    Today's Top Hits
    • Ella Baila Sola. Eslabon Armado, Peso Pluma.
    • Calm Down (with Selena Gomez) Rema, Selena Gomez.
    • Kill Bill. SZA.
    • Chemical. Post Malone.
    • Flowers. Miley Cyrus.
    • Curtains. Ed Sheeran.
    • Cupid - Twin Ver. FIFTY FIFTY.
    • Boy's a liar Pt. PinkPantheress, Ice Spice.

    Who is the #1 artist in the world? ›

    As of May 2023, Canadian rapper Drake is the most-streamed artist of all time on Spotify, while American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is the most-streamed female artist.
    By year.
    Artist ranking1Bad Bunny (9.1 billion)
    2Taylor Swift
    5Justin Bieber
    10 more columns

    Who has the biggest fanbase in the world music? ›

    Popularity rankingArtistFans tracking
    01RihannaFans tracking: 5,043,169
    02DrakeFans tracking: 5,035,185
    03ColdplayFans tracking: 4,932,458
    04EminemFans tracking: 4,916,806
    91 more rows

    What band is breaking up in 2025? ›

    Coldplay to Stop Producing Music in 2025 -

    What is the #1 most streamed song in the US? ›

    Top 10 most streamed songs on Spotify
    1. 'Blinding Lights' by The Weeknd (3.52 billion streams) ...
    2. 'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran (3.44 billion streams) ...
    3. 'Dance Monkey' by Tones And I (2.79 billion streams) ...
    4. 'Someone You Loved' by Lewis Capaldi (2.74 billion streams) ...
    5. 'Rockstar' by Post Malone feat 21 Savage (2.65 billion streams)
    Apr 17, 2023

    Has future ever had a #1 song? ›

    In 2021, Future was featured alongside Young Thug on Drake's single, "Way 2 Sexy", which became his first number-one single. That same year, he released a collaboration with Gunna, "Too Easy", which reached number 16 on the Hot 100. On April 29, 2022, Future released his ninth studio album, I Never Liked You.

    Who is the number 1 artist 2023? ›

    Most listened to artists on Spotify in 2023 are 1. The Weeknd, 2. Ed Sheeran, 3. Taylor Swift and 17 others.


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