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Are you a music lover and like to create your music or beats? Then BandLab is for you. This application help people to create their own music. If you want to install this application on your computer instead of your smartphone, you can check the solutions here. With detailed steps, this article will teach you how to install bandLab on Windows and MacOS.

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NameBandLab DeveloperBandLab technologies
Year of Launch2015 File Size157 MB
Supported OSAndroid | iOS CategoryAudio and Music
LicenseFree In-App Purchases View the listBoost Membership – 1 Month | $14.99
Boost Membership – 12 Months | $149.99
Language(s)English | French | Hindi | Japanese and 4 more. Store(s)Google Play Store | App Store
Official Rating

❭3.9 ✯❭9 votes

How to Download and install BandLab on Windows using BlueStacks or NoxPlayer

If you want to use bandLab on your PC, you will require an Android emulator. The software constructs a functional background for the BandLab Android app to operate on the PC. You can find many android emulators, but we have found the two best and most reliable options for running BandLab on PC. The first one is BlueStacks which is one of the most straightforward and trusted third-party Android software for Windows (11|10|8|7) and Mac OS.

Follow the steps below to download and install BandLab for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 using Bluestacks

  1. The first step involves downloading BlueStacks from official website or NoxPlayer. (Here is the detailed method to install Bluestacks).
  2. Run the emulator .exe file inside the downloaded folder.
  3. A setup wizard will appear on your screen.
  4. Complete all the on-screen steps and finish the installation process.
  5. Launch the BlueStacks emulator by clicking on the icon.
  6. The Home Screen will appear. Here, Click on the Google Play Store option and enter the name of “BandLab” in the search bar.
  7. Install this application then go to the BlueStacks Emulator’s home screen.
  8. Launch the BandLab app under the list of installed apps and start using it.

Does BandLab Work Offline?

You can start new projects and edit pre-recorded projects on Bandlab in offline mode. To access more features like downloading sounds and instruments and saving and publishing tracks, you have to have an internet connection. It’s a cloud-based application and save all your tracks and other content online. We advise you to stay connected with your internet service while using this app to synchronize your projects. The developer has designed this app as cloud-based to shatter down the technological and geographical obstacles between music creators to minimize the space your content would occupy on your device.

Features of BandLab

The BandLab app is a valuable platform for music creators with all the necessary tools to create and record music. Let’s know why this app is quite popular and has been the top-rated music-creation app in the Audio and Music category.

Digital Audio Workstation

A DAW delivers an exclusive recording atmosphere, with numerous tracks that can be provided to audio to record ‘real-world’ tools via microphones and line-level resources like basses, guitar and hardware synths. You can record live audio and use different beats and effects to make an excellent piece of music.

Connect with experts and other new creators

You can use its in-built tab to interact and bond with creators sharing the same interests and learn from them. Once you enter your information, The app offers you creators suggestions from worldwide with similar music tastes. You can share your music samples with your audience and experienced artists (to get feedback). It offers the tools to achieve collaborations with other music artists.

Intuitive interface

It exhibits the best-designed intuitive interface along with an easy-to-use toolbox.

Mix Editor

The mix editor is the tool of BandLab, where you can create magic with your creativity. It consists of a multi-track digital audio workstation (DAW) that you can utilize as an editor, recording app and beat creator for example. Using this editor, you can create new beats, add instruments, record your notes, add samples and effects from over 10.000 loops and reverbs. Create your perfect tune in this 12-channels editor by fusing your favorite voices, sounds, rhythms and effects for example.

Midi Instruments

You get access to more than 330 MIDI instrument, including the exotic one, classic, 808, sitar or synthesizer that you can play.

Share with the world

Once you are done creating, share with anyone you like, including your audience, friends and peers.


With the help of a sampler, create different styles of custom instruments by generating a Sampler Kit and recording sounds. Customize any sample to create fine-tuned music.


BandLab presets contain more than 180 base effects, vocals, and guitar to create premium quality music.


It has in-built mastering tools that support many formats to make your tracks perfect for final distribution.


BandLad equips you with methods to create video clips by integrating your mastered songs/tunes.

Fine Tuning

You can create songs as famous artists make in their production studios. Bandlab gives the same environment as you are producing songs in a production house with in-built equalizers. You can start by uploading or recording a song; this app helps you complete your songs in different formats like MP3 and more.

Download BandLab for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 • ComputeFreely (2)
Beginners without any previous knowledge of creating music can learn BandLab quickly. The Bandlab app works for androids and IOS devices.
Developed will all essential features and tools needed to become a professional music creator. To access the app on desktops and Macs, there’s a need for androids emulators.
Anyone can access this app without worrying about their budget. Beginners can find this app confusing to use in starting.
Available to install from iOS App Store and Google Play Store with one click. Bandlab desktop’s version can work slow on PCs if installed without fulfilling the required configuration.
Equipped with in-built tools to help, Newbies encounter new friends who can assist them in understanding this platform.
It helps develop professional relationships with musicians, rappers, composers, guitarists, etc.
The app is authentic and used by millions of people worldwide.
You get a permit to limitless cloud storage.

Alternatives to BandLab for Windows


Soundtrap authorizes high-quality collective music-making for music artists. It’s the world’s leading cross-platform, web-based and collaborative studio for music recording that’s available for free. It’s a digital audio workstation (DAW) available instantly in browsers on various devices, like Windows, phones, iPad, tablets, Chromebook, MAC and Android. You can Create music online through vocals, instruments and loops.


GarageBand is a comprehensively furnished music composition studio that comes free with Macs. It has a sound library that contains instruments, presets for voice and guitar and a fantastic sampling of session drummers. With the help of its intuitive interface and touch bar features, it becomes easy to play, record, learn and share songs worldwide. You can create human-sounding drum songs and take inspiration from thousands of loops ( including from famous genres like Hip Hop, EDM, Indie for example).

Studio One Prime

Studio One Prime delivers everything you require to initiate content composition and audio production for free. You can make your podcasts and music through the drag-and-drop feature. You will enhance your creativeness with unlimited buses, tracks, native effects and a robust addition of virtual instruments.


Cakewalk is the latest benchmark for the trendy music recording studio where you can access fresh pro-studio music and make dynamic and precise mixes via advanced mixing instruments. It help to compose entire pieces and performances with innovative songwriting instruments. You can Ship and broadcast your tunes straight to SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, etc.


It is a cross-platform Digital Audio Workstation software that allows multi-songs recording, studying, rendering, and production. This audio software is broadly used in domestic and company studios, broadcast, education, region recording, sound design or research for example. Using its digital instruments, you can record and make songs and use tracking effects.


It’s an effective online music production studio where you can Enjoy the cloud-based library of over 1.000.000 samples and 200.000 devices presets available through different devices’ browsers. You can Request different producers to your music studio to teach, unite and work together in a real-time environment. All your tracks are stored in its Audiotool servers, where you can access these from anywhere.

Frequently asked questions about BandLab

Is BandLab available for PC?

No, Bandlab is not available to use on PC. The bandLab app’s developers have not developed its official app for the desktop version. Its official app is made for android and ios devices and is available to download from google and apple play stores. The owners also have a web version which you can download from Bandlab technologies’ official website.

Can we use Band Lab on PC or Mac?

Yes, Use bandLab on your PC or Mac with the help of android emulators, as we have suggested. You cannot directly install this app on PC or Mac. BandLab Assistant is an alternative to this android and IOS apps for Mac and Windows. Here, you can easily make and edit your Loop Packs and BandLab tasks.

How Can I Access BandLab?

First, download the app on your device. Once you sign up, you can start accessing its features and create your songs through the Mix Editor. To record your song using BandLab on iOS and Android Apps:

  1. Move to the bottom of your screen and select the Create option. Now, you can create your new projects.
  2. They will direct you to a New Track screen, where you get nine options to choose from.

Can I use BandLab without an Emulator?

You don’t need an emulator to use the Bandlab app on androids and IOS devices. You won’t be able to use the application on computer and Mac without installing a reliable emulator. If you don’t want to use the Emulator, download the Bandlab web version available on its website.

Where can I download BandLab for PC?

The first approach involves the above two methods using Bluestacks and NOX player. Install either of these and then, through their interface, open the Bandlab app on PC and use it the way you like. The second approach involves using Bandlab Assistant for Windows and Mac is the perfect match and alternative to the mobile apps used by many creators in the world.

How much RAM do I need for BandLab?

The minimum RAM required is 4GB. If you have more budget, go for a 16GB RAM device. It’s necessary to check your device’s Random Access Memory (RAM), as Bandlab Digital Audio Workstations need a reasonable portion of memory when you use more software plug-ins.

Is it safe to use the BandLab app for composing music?

It’s entirely safe to use Bandlab as millions of artists trust this app to create and distribute their music. It has received a rating of 4.3 on the google play store. Assisting in composing music, It’s also a social networking application. So, You will find many strangers. It’s up to your decision whom you choose to communicate and collaborate with.

Is BandLab a free android app?

Yes, the BandLab android is free to install and operate on your devices. You can explore the app and do projects without paying any premium subscription. The android emulators are available for free on their official websites.


All music enthusiasts who want to chase their profession in music can start with BandLab without worrying about ending trials or subscription periods. No worries, even if you have no previous experience with beats and music creation. Download this app today, either on your mobile or desktop. Ensure to check minimum device requirements before installing BandLab. You can face issues later on that can affect your experience. Its other alternatives are reliable solutions to record and produce that deliver the best musical experience.

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