Top 5 Most Popular Music Genres Among Modern Teens – FM (2023) (2023)

On average, teens listen and watch music for more time than they spend with their friends outside school. Music is critical to teenagers since it alters their moods, dominates their conversations and determines much of their slag. Teens use music for various reasons like gaining information regarding adult world, facilitate friendships in gatherings, and withdrawing from social contact. Music is so powerful that teenagers have become a critical segment of the target market. The face of music keeps on changing, and music producers have to remain aware of the latest trends. Teenagers form a significant part of music consumers which makes it important to understand their tastes and preferences. Let us learn more about the kind of music that is popular among teens by identifying the top 5 music genres.


Rock music emerged in the U.S. in the 1950s as “rock and roll” and developed into different styles later. Initially, rock was characterized by the musical experimentation of drugs. In the 1950s, young people embraced rick music because it allowed then to rebel from the norms of society. During this time, society emphasized more on conformity hence rock music allowed young people to have an alternative way of life. Over the years, rock music has continued to serve the same purpose. It has offered young people an opportunity to express themselves to society. You can find more details about the history of rock music from already written essays for sale.

In the U.S., 28% of teenagers aged 16-19 consume rock music. The genre has remained popular among teens today because:

  • It is very energetic. Teens find rock music to have the kind of energy they need. It offers them the fun they want to experience. At this age, teens have a lot of energy which they need to channel to other places including music.
  • Accessibility has improved. Rock music is readily available, especially due to the development of online platforms offering rock music. The idea that teenagers can stream rock music encourages them to listen to it more.


EDM is also known as dance music. It consists of percussive electronic music that is popular in night clubs. EDM is majorly for DJs, who use it to create seamless selections of tracks. Dance music has its origin in the late 1980s and early 1990s. During this time, raving and club culture emerged. Individuals would go to night clubs to have a good time. While dance culture was not acceptable during those days, more young people embraced it.

Dance music is popular among teenagers because of the American rave culture. More individuals want to party in clubs, which has made it possible for DJs to create dance mixes. Additionally, EDM gets everyone on the dance floor. Teenagers love something that engages them. They can dance alongside beats, which offers them the freedom they need.


Pop music is among popular music for teenagers. This genre of music draws elements from both folk and fine arts music. In the U.S., 52% of teens aged 16-19 consume pop music. The following characteristics of pop music make it popular among teenagers.

  • It has the most hits. Pop music is characterized by being at the top of the charts. Teens want to identify with hits songs. Pop music allows them to listen to songs that top the charts.
  • The composition of music is simple. Pop music has simple verses a catchy melody and a good rhythm. The chorus tends to be repeated several times. As a result, pop is easy to remember and at the same time sing along. Teenagers love songs that can easily sing. They do not want to devote their time to learn complicated songs.

You can use an essay writing service to know the current pop musicians. This will allow you to know the pop musicians that most teenagers are following.


Hip hop music was pioneered majorly by African-American youth in New York. In the 1970s. The genre quickly spread across the rest of the U.S. and the rest of the world. In earlier days, fans were astonished by the ability of the hip hop artists to create new sounds based on the music that was already existing. These artists were responsible for creating a new way of composing, which revolutionized the recording of music. The digital remix world exists today majorly because of hip hop artists. In other countries, hip hop music because popular such that artists in those countries started writing songs on their languages, indicating the influence the genre had.

Teens like hip hop because:

  • It is a powerful form of expression. Hip hop enables teenagers to search for their identities. They identify with songs that speak about their struggles as teenagers. With hip hop, teens feel a sense of belonging.
  • The hip-hop culture is easy to practice. Becoming a successful hip-hop artist does not mean the artists have to undergo special training. Instead, mastering the genre is easy, which attracts teens who wish to be artists in the future.
  • Hip-hop entails a rebellious aspect. Teenagers use the genre to distance themselves from their parents.


Rap music remains among the top genres of music genres for teens. The genre emphasizes vocal delivery that is usually done over a backup beat. Rap music genre includes content, rhythm, and the delivery of the song. Rap is an ingredient of hip-hop and can be performed with a beatboxer or without any accomplishment. Due to its close association with hip-hop music, some individuals use the terms hip-hop and rap interchangeably.

Rap music, like hip-hop, has controversies that attract teenagers to the genre. Experts at perfectessay not that a majority of rappers have been criticized for lyrics that glorify drugs, violence, and of women. Teenagers are attracted to such controversial lyrics. Additionally, the global appeal of rap music has enabled it to reach a wide audience. The Internet has made it possible to distribute content to different parts of the world. Rap music continues to appeal to more teenagers, who form a significant part of the target audience.

Conclusively, examining popular music for teens is essential. It offers an overview of the consumption of music among this age group. Producers and artists need to know their target market well. By highlighting the five genres of music that are popular among teens, individuals are in a better position to determine the kind of music they need to produce to reach teens. Music is a powerful tool that can be used to influence the lives of people. Teenagers are huge consumers of music which makes them an essential market that

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